Dec 11th PHP 7 now available

PHP 7 is now available as the final release was made recently by the PHP Development Team. You can now use PHP 7 on your hosting account by using the PHP Selector Tool in your Account Control Panel

Aug 4th Client Area Updates

The client area has been updated both visually and functionally. This update allows you more control over your hosting account directly from the billing area. For example it is now possible to add email accounts, and access some cPanel related features directly from the billing panel. The intergration with the billing panel and cPanel is more ... Read More »

Jun 23rd Now accepting 2Checkout payments

PurdyDesigns is now accepting payments using the payment gateway service 2checkout. This allows our customers some flexiability in the payment processing company that is used to process payments. There has been some demand from our customers for other options besides paypal. This will allow you to use Credit Card via 2checkout. You can also choose ... Read More »

Feb 10th MariaDB 10

MariaDB 10 is now the SQL Server of choice. We have upgraded our systems to use MariaDB moving forward. MariaDB is a drop in replacement to MYSQL 5.6. It has advanced performance and storage engines.

Jan 29th Apache 2.4 and Varnish

We have finally made the switch over to Apache 2.4, Upgraded from Apache 2.2. 2.4 has many performance improvements over 2.2,. We have also recently added varnish as reverse cache to apache. This speeds up the performance of websites hosted on our servers. This is good for multiple reasons. As it means with Apache 2.4 and Varnish your website ... Read More »

Sep 14th PHP 5.6 and New Resource Counters Explained

PHP 5.6 has been added to supported php version on our servers. So we now support 5.3,5.4,5.5 and 5.6. 5.6 was just recently released by the PHP development team.With the changes we have made to our hosting packages, some other resources are now a part of each hosting package here at PurdyDesigns. They are the following with a brief description of ... Read More »

Sep 7th 50% bandwidth increase, and mutiple php version support

We have increased our packages monthly bandwidth allocations by 50% from the old values. We have now also support 3 php versions. with PHP 5.3, PHP 5.4, and PHP 5.5. What this means is you can control the PHP version from within your hosting control panel. That will allow you to run older software or newer software without any issues.

Mar 6th MySQL 5.6 Upgrade

MySQL 5.6 includes many performance improvements over it's previous 5.5 version. So we have gone ahead with this upgrade to 5.6 to continue to make sure our systems are as fast as possible.

Nov 14th PHP 5.4 and cPanel Update

cPanel software is now running the latest 11.40 build. We've also taken this time to reconfigure our system so we could upgrade from php 5.3 to php 5.4 which is also complete and ready to use. PHP 5.4 has been production ready for sometime. We are currently giving php 5.5 sometime before we move over to it.

Nov 12th SharpEdge Version 3.36.00 Now Available

A lot of improvements have been made from the 3.34.54 update, a new responsive admin interface is the most noticeable improvement. Gallery system now uses name base URL's for categories. Pagination for blog and pages. New StopForumSpam integration for user signups to prevent known spammers from registering. Some database optimizations, and various ... Read More »

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