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Windows 8 half-baked, or just baked software developers?

Shawn Purdy On January 12, 2014

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Windows 8 is the latest major failure of Microsoft's. This may take you back several years to when Vista was lauched and eventually Windows 7 replaced Vista and much of the bad press for Vista a lot of those people loved Windows 7. However really Windows 7 is an optimized version of Vista, and there is still some really crazy things in Windows 7 that worked perfectly in previous versions of Windows that don't work anywhere near as good as they used to. It's like microsoft has taken the approach of Car Engineers where instead of improving on an already decent design. To start from scratch and completely destroy decades of progress. I think its clear that freelancing out portions of the development of Windows to various country's is not working so well. A lot of shoddy coding.

Microsoft even has the audacity to claim Windows 8 doesn't need any malware or virus protection..... I don't even know what to say to that except it's really false. Some crazy marketing scam? Things seem pretty shaddy with this company as of late, and puts a lot of question marks on the creditability of the "so called software engineers" working there.

So it begs the question on Microsoft's QA process that how they can continue to make the same mistakes. However in the case of Windows 8 it's much worse than that. They made a lot of assumptions about how people use computers and how people will be using computers in the future, and completely disregarded users that use computers for professional reasons, or power users. Somewhere along the way they made a lot of assumptions about "making things easier" but really in the end achieved a pretty impressive goal in making things worse and less user friendly. In windows 8.1 they even put in a half-assed solution to bring back the start button after a huge amount of users complained about not having a start button anymore. But all it does is open the horrible "Start Screen" Which I have to navigate slowly using a mouse or keyboard keys. When before all I had to do to find software was follow a simple menu. There is the search feature which does the job and is much faster than using the horrible start screen interface. I much rather quickly type "word" for Word 2013 than to go through the Windows 8 interface. However that's still an extra step I didn't have to do before. I just don't understand how anyone that is sober could consider this "easier" than the start navigation we are all used to using. Simple answer is it's not easier.

Don't get me wrong if you use a program often you have it on your desktop or pin it to your task bar, but your not going to do that for every program. The lack of a navigation menu is just completely insane UI design.

Full screen applications. They need to rename windows to Full Screen 8. Because it's no longer Windows anymore. The whole power of Windows when it was invented mostly back in the days of Windows 3.1 was the ability to have multiple programs running and easily switching between them and moving them where you want. Don't get me wrong you can still do this with some programs but there is a host of software included in Windows 8 where this isn't possible.

The worst. Is this is all forced on the customer, it's not a choice we have that we can put things back to a professional working state. Everything takes 5 times longer to do than it did in all previous versions of Windows. I hate to break it to microsoft but touchscreens are not the future. in fact touchscreens are often difficult to touch in the corners of the screen. Usually they come with a touch pen for that reason, but they are much more cumbersome to use than a mouse. Because keyboard and mouse is a good coordination with your hands and brain its much easier to do. But if you switch from keyboard back to touch screen it's slow. There is no way to make this faster. When voice activation software becomes more robust this will completely take over touch screens as people will just speak to their computers instead of touching them or moving a mouse. Then you can add whatever crazy stupid UI you want cause it won't matter so much, but in the meantime they re-invented the wheel and made it a triangle.

If they really wanted to be a bigger player in the mobile device market they could have created a Mobile version of Windows. Instead they kicked all the other customers in the nuts, and than claim it's the best version of windows, when it's by far the worst.

Microsoft has realized after a lot of hype around the product before launch how badly it is being received by the masses YET they continue to push it as an amazing OS. Much like they did with Vista before finally giving in and creating Windows 7. The fact that 3rd party programmers are writing plugin software to convert Windows 8 to bring back some of the features of Windows 7 (Start Navigation mainly) should tell most software engineers they are wrong, but apparently microsoft isn't getting the message. So for a professional who uses his/her computer daily to do work. Windows 8 will not save you time. Your best option is to format c: and install Windows 7.


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