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Windows 10 Free upgrade Microsofts desperate attempt

Shawn Purdy On April 3, 2015

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How often is it you see a software company give away free upgrades? Let alone Microsoft. With the major failure of Windows 8 it is not surprising to see that Microsoft finally got the message that no one wants Windows 8. Even after spending what probably was a lot of money on marketing or we could re-phrase that as "trying to shove Windows 8 down peoples throats" Still people have uninstalled the OS to reinstall Windows 7. Windows 10 is promised to bring back some of the features Windows users are used to having, yet still wants to attempt to be 2 different types of Operating Systems. Time will tell if it will work or not. Although as a PC/Windows user I honestly see no reason to take the chance on Windows 10. Even if it is free. I may install it on the windows 8 laptop that I have. Since it is like pulling teeth to use Windows 8 on a laptop that isn't touchscreen.

I'm more worried about the fact that Microsoft does not listen to the consumer. The people that use the software everyday. Apparently these people have no clue what they want. They must think that their average consumer has the intelligence of a parsnip. It's the only logical conclusion as to why Microsoft continue to ignore it's customers. It is no different with the infamous Internet Explorer. Which is finally been discontinued to make room for a new internet browser. However Microsoft's inability to listen to consumers is the problem. The new browser will fail unless Microsoft take a different approach to customer service. Internet Explorer didn't fail because it was slower, and didn't follow standards. It failed because Microsoft did not listen. The fact it didn't follow standards and was slow and insecure was a result of not listening to the consumers. Will Spartan follow that same illogical path? Or will Microsoft finally admit this generation of computer users are far more intelligent than they give them credit for? Or will they bring back the Windows XP little doggy that makes us feel all warm inside? Taking the dog into account. He was at least more useful than Windows 8 was.

What do you think? Do you think Microsoft has any hope? Or are they just going to continue to force feed us crap software that was conceived on a used piece of tissue paper?


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