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CableSoft WebAct is an Enterprise Level Web-Based Cable TV Activation Software. Designed to allow customers to purchase TV Service directly from the world wide web. With it's own customized application protocol. It's able to communicate directly with server side software over TCP/IP.

Cost Effective

CableSoft WebAct is a cost effective solution to handling customers for Cable TV Control Systems. They can access the application and purchase TV service in a simple step by step procedure. The TV Service will be activated automatically saving you time and money on expensive operators.

Real Time Cable TV Activation

Unlike many other software that is web-based cable control software. CableSoft WebAct is real-time. It is designed to work with CableSoft Central.(Server) it has a custom written protocol to speak directly with this application, and retrieve up to date information so that data displayed and used by the web application is always as up to date as the data on the server application. It also sends packets to the server after an order has been placed and CableSoft Server knows exactly what to do with this information. TV Service should work within seconds of a successful transaction. CableSoft Central (Server) communicates to a control unit in HL7 (Health Level 7) protocol. The Web Application communicates in a similar way to the Server application.

Customer Control

Customers have plenty of control over they're TV Service. They can purchase in 3 different modes. New Order, Edit Order or Post Dated Orders. Editing an order allows the customer to add extra days to they're existing service in case they end up staying longer, and a post dated order would typically be used in case of reservations. Allowing the customer to have TV available by the time they get to the location.

Kiosk Display

The Kiosk Display allows you to use the WebAct Application for a Kiosk where the application will only display the site/campground that you allow from that location. You can setup the kiosk to load a special address so that when the ordering process goes through that it will end up back at that address that only displays the one site you have setup for the kiosk.

Operator Access

Administrators can give operator access on a user by user basis, controlling what sites they have access to. As an operator they can transfer, compensate days, as well delete accounts. All operator actions are logged in the operator log that admins can view to see operator actions.


CableSoft WebAct is designed to prevent many different types of web application attacks. Including XSS and CSRF, but it is also designed to prevent advanced web users from tricking the system for lower price points or to do anything harmful during the order process. Everything is double checked at the time the order is submitted so that all important order information is done (web server side) and not (browser client side). Much of the information collected during the order process is informational for the customer. Prices and Taxes are re-calculated server side before they are directed to payment.

Multiple Languages

CableSoft WebAct is also designed to be able to support multiple languages for text displays. We've written the program in English however it designed to allow other languages to be supported at the same time so customers can switch between the supported languages that you would like to have.

Browser Compatibility.

WebAct is designed to support all the major web browsers. as well as be compatible on popular devices such as the iPhone or iPad. We've thoroughly tested the software on Internet Explorer 7,8 and 9, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari.

Administrator Interface

WebAct also comes with it's own administrator log in and back-end interface. This interface allows you to modify some basic configuration variables of the software, as well as see orders that have gone through the web application. It also allows you to re-submit an order to CableSoft Server in case of a failure of some kind which can happen on occasion with communications over TCP/IP.

The User Access system also allows the main admin to give basic admin permissions. This is used if you have 2 or more WebAct systems running on 1 server where you are sharing the main server. This is where the full admin can allow only access to specific sites that they select from the administrator back-end using the Site/Campground Access Control System.

The Site/Campground Access Control System can also be disabled for systems only using 1 copy of CableSoft WebAct.

The Administrator backend also includes the ability to give operator permissions on a user by user basis, as well as new logs viewer that allows the admin to view both the communication log as well as the operator log.

Current List of Features: Version 1.20.10

  • Administration Panel
  • Dashboard With Statistical Information
  • WebAct Configuration
  • Server Configuration
  • Template Editor
  • Built In Software Updater Module
  • Fully Theme-able Front-end and Back-end
  • Paypal Gateway Module
  • Logic for Credit Card Gateway Module(s)
  • Communication commands for CableSoft Server
  • Order Tracking
  • Order Admin
  • Site/Campground Access Control System
  • Kiosk Front-end Display
  • Manual Order Re-Submission
  • New,Edit or Post Dated Orders
  • Limiting of Tier Days for discounted packaged rates (Configuration on CableSoft Server)
  • Configuration of Web Rate by Tier (Configuration on CableSoft Server)
  • Structure in Place for multiple language support
  • Operator Access
  • Operator Access Control Permissions (Limits what sites operators are allowed to access)
  • Comp Days (Allows Operator to give free days to a customer)
  • Transfer/Move Customer function
  • Delete Customer function
  • Operators can add subscribers bypassing payment gateway (Useful for Telephone Service)
  • Log Admin (View Communication and Operator Logs)
  • Responsive Design Via Twitter Bootstrap
  • Multiple Web Addresses (With customizable (Sites/Campgrounds per address)
  • Paypal Payments Pro (Direct Payment) Support
  • Multiple Paypal Pro API Accounts per URL Address
  • Credit Card Swipe Support
  • Location Grouping
  • Touch Screen Friendly Interface
  • CSV Order Reports


  • PHP 5.3+
  • MYSQL 5 Or Greater
  • IonCube Loader Version 4 or Greater
  • Requires fsockopen(), fwrite(), fread(), and fclose() php functions.
  • cURL Enabled
  • Apache Compiled with mod_expires,mod_headers,mod_rewrite (highly suggested)
  • Ability to Open a port on the server firewall (Required)
  • CableSoft Central (Server) with WebAct Protocols.

Current Road Map

  • Multi Server Support
  • Multi System Support from 1 Webact Installation(Meaning 2 or more entities running off a single code base, with custom domain or subdomain access)
  • Ability to Add/Remove and Assign Group/Taps to Rooms
  • Ability To Add/Edit Tiers and Rates
  • Multi System GUI  / Both frontend and backend.
  • Ability to Add/Edit or Delete and Browse Customers Services Via GUI Listings

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