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SharpEdge is an open source Content Management System. It is available on GitHub. You can grab the latest version at the

SharpEdge CMS Project


Unleash the power of SharpEdge by Downloading:



Sharpedge is built on the CodeIgniter Framework known itself for it's speed. We have carefully applied features to our software so that the performance remains intact. We are very serious about high performance websites, and continue to try to improve performance consistently.


  • PHP 5.3 Or Higher
  • PHP Must be run as the Domain user.
  • MYSQL 5 Or Greater
  • GD Library 2
  • PHP Compiled with MCrypt
  • cURL Enabled (Used for the automatic updater)
  • Apache Compiled with mod_expires,mod_headers,mod_rewrite and mod_deflate (highly suggested)


  • ai:gallery id=225 - This displays an entire gallery. All you need is the ID Number of the CATEGORY you want to display.
  • ai:single id=50
  • |size=normal|full_size=false|align=left - This displays a single image
  • ai:maps lat=52.373056|lon=4.892222 - Displays a google map using lat and lon
  • ai:articles - for displaying articles with thumbnail image.
  • ai:ad - google ads
  • ai:grid - create bootstrap style grids
  • ai:endgrid
  • ai:page_parallax
  • ai:nav id=menu_id|theme=navbar-default|pos=navbar-fixed-top|type=bar,pills,tabs
  • ai:hide_email name=info||type=text,link
  • Requires [ open and close ] brackets

Included Modules

  • Page Module
  • Module System
  • Menu Module (Depreicated as of 3.42.60) - End Of Life (December 2015)
  • Nav Module (Replacement of Menu Module)
  • Widget Module
  • Download Module
  • Profile Module
  • Product Module
  • Video Module
  • Gateway Module
  • PayPal Module
  • User Module
  • User Roles / Permissions
  • Custom User Fields
  • Template Module
  • Language Module
  • Blog Module
  • Gallery Module
  • Slideshow Module
  • Contact Module
  • Google Analytics Dashboard
  • Updater Module
  • Spam Log

Included Widgets

  • News Widget
  • News Widget With Images
  • News Photo Slideshow Widget
  • Login Widget
  • Photo Slideshow Widget
  • AddThis Widget
  • Facebook Widget
  • Twitter Widget
  • Shopping Cart Widget
  • Breadcrumb Widget

Interesting Features

  • 4 Custom Widget Locations For Groups of Widgets (Content Top, Content Bottom, Side Top, and Side Bottom)
  • Widget Groups can have an unlimited amount of widgets, and are fully sortable
  • 3 Levels Of Navigation
  • Custom Contact Form Fields
  • Multiple Contacts For Contact Form
  • Gallery Import By Zip file with automatic thumbnail generation.
  • Resource URL's for cookie-less domains for static resource extensive websites.
  • Custom Meta Description and Keywords Per Page
  • SEO Friendly URLS
  • Attach-able Gallery Categories to News Articles
  • Attach-able Gallery Categories to Products
  • Customizable Module Widgets
  • Custom Layouts (Designs Per Page)
  • Custom Layouts (Designs Per Module)
  • Content or Code Based Widgets
  • Software Updater Module allows the software to update itself.
  • Users attempting to register are checked via StopForumSpam's API to see if they are a known spammer and prevents registration.

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