Server Maintenance


Running a Server or VPS is not a simple task. Knowing how to properly secure a Virtual Server or Dedicated Server Environment is an everyday task. A task not every business has the resources or time to deal with. Let us manage your system while you continue doing what you do best.


A server needs to be configured, it needs to be maintained. Keeping performance intact is vital to the growth of your online business. We tweak software systems and install programs designed to make your website faster.


Part of maintaining performance and security goes further than just installing software and configuring software. Keeping software updated regularly with security patches and performance improvements keeps your data safe, and your website super fast.

Why PurdyDesigns?

We have over 5 years of server administration experience. We have been managing mission critical systems for years. We take proactive security and performance measures to ensure your system is rock solid. That means you don't have to ask us to do something we do it without you asking. We have a very high standard when it comes to security and performance.



You may hear the buzz security word 0day. Really in this world there is very few real 0day expliots. Most of these that come out to the public are already well known, and a lot of times our systems are already protected from such exploits. The reason for this is we build layers of security. We never rely on only 1 piece of software or code to protect a system. We cover every angle so if 1 layer is broken there is 5 more to stop the same attack. The truth is most website and business owners do not take security seriously enough.


We are always at your finger tips. We have email, ticket, and live chat available to you, So we can deal with anything you can think of.

Remote Backups

We always suggest backing up your data to a remote system. Hardware failures happen from time to time. It's important this information can be restored quickly with as little hassle as possible. We handle all the technical needs to make sure your mission critical data is up and running in record time.

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