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Google Page Speed

Our goal would be get your website into the 90's in page speed insights.

Why PurdyDesigns?

Our speciality is high performance websites. You can check for yourself. We score 97 in Google Page Speed.

Importance of Speed

Not only do search engines give ranking bonus' to fast loading websites, but your visitors will more likely interact with your website if it is fast.

What will PurdyDesigns do?

We will first look at your site to determine what is needed. Below is a list of typical key items that most websites struggle with:

  • Image Optimization
  • Image Scaling
  • GZip Compression
  • Deferring of Javascript
  • Expiring Content / Leverage Browser Caching
  • High amount of http requests
  • Use of un-minified code (css/js/html)
  • YSlow Specific (No use of cookie free domains)
  • YSlow No CDN
  • YSlow No ETags
  • Unneeded Redirects

Some of these optimizations will require modifications to the httpd server. Some hosting providers do not allow some of the optimization modules needed in order to get a high page speed. If you would like to find out from us if your hosting provider can support some of these methods. You can contact us for more information

Would it be nice to have?

A page speed score that you can brag about?

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Loss-less Compression

Why serve a 600KB image when you can serve a 60KB image with loss-less compression. With access to your server we can use tools such as jpegopt and pngopt to compress all your images quickly without losing quality.

Our Hosting

Our website hosting supports all the tools needed to properly optimize a website. We even have a CDN add-on service!

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