Database Design

Relational Database

Relational Database design is a type of database structure. What it means is that we build tables of data that rely on other tables in order to create a system that is flexible, as well as have a high performance. It also allows a system to be expanded much easier if it requires new features in the future.


As always PurdyDesigns strives for high performance applications. With relational database design. We also properly index database fields so the sql engine you use is able to scan quickly by keeping data in memory.

Functional / Feature Rich

Systems that function using complicated data structures that can be expanded to the your needs. So you can have the powerful features at your disposal or build upon your existing structure.

What will PurdyDesigns do?

We plan every step when designing custom database systems. A lot of the process in doing this can be decided by what features you require for your system. We think far ahead in the process of developing the system(s) in order to make it as flexiable,fast, functional. We take into account many factors, such as:

  • Performance - Size of data that will be used in production
  • Performance - Complexity of sql queries that will need to be written in order to extract,display, or process data
  • Functionality - Design systems to support more complex functionality
  • End User - User friendliness. How easy can we make an interface based of the complexity of the structure
  • Design Considerations - What is the best way to design something. Functional is not good enough.
  • Design Considerations - Involving Features that you may require.
  • Security - (When required) The methods used, encryption.

We take a very methodical approach to designing our custom database systems. Because it is important that they scale with large amounts of data, or large a amount of internet traffic. That they can easly cope with anything you can throw at it

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Why are indexes important?

Adding indexing to your data tables is important because it allows your sql engine such as MySQL or MariaDB to save this information into memory. If you don't have indexes than the sql engine must scan entire rows of data in order to find the records you are searching for. This adds a lot of delay in getting a result. As your data gets larger this becomes a performance issue, and can cause a lot of problems. Slow running applications, high server disk i/o or even your sql engine crashing.

Why PurdyDesigns?

PurdyDesigns has over 15 years of experience building database systems. We take great care in planning your project to meet or exceed your requirements.

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