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We design graphics that look crisp and clear. The importance of how easy it is to read, text or to see the graphic pop so it has the impact that is intended to attract customers.


Have graphics that direct your customers to what you want them to see. Hierarchy is a powerful tool that can make or break a website or any advertisement. A lot of thought goes into each graphic that we design at PurdyDesigns. This is in order to improve the usability of your website, and to increase your conversions (visitors to sales)


With jQuery and other javascript frameworks. As well as CSS Animations, it is possible to build complex graphics with many layers, and animate different aspects of a graphic design. This can add a lot of pop to a website.

Graphic Design with Responsive Design

Combining graphic design with responsive design requires creating in many cases various different sized images to meet the screen resolutions of other computer devices. With responsive design it is possible to limit the amount of heavy graphics on mobile phones, or to limit animations so that you keep your mobile users happy with a fast loading website.

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What improvements can you make to my site?

PurdyDesigns specializes in making websites that function in many different computer devices. That work in many different browsers. That will allow your visitors to easily navigate, and go where you want them to go. Highlighting the important aspects to your business. Wither that is a single product or an entire e-commence website. We put ourselves in your shoes. We educate ourselves on your industry to understand the requirements needed in order to help your demographic find the product or service they are looking for.

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